Why I’m Running

Improve Manchester Public Schools

As a former member of the Manchester Board of School Committee I know firsthand the wonderful work our public school teachers do educating our students. I also understand the complex challenges facing our school district that put a strain on our community and local economy.

As Alderman, I will work collaboratively to pass school budgets that put our focus back where it belongs – on increasing student achievement, supporting our teachers and respecting the rights of parents. Simply put, I am committed to seeing the Manchester School District transformed into the top school district in the entire state of New Hampshire.

Modernize and Reform City Government

As Alderman, I will support an outside independent systems audit of all of Manchester’s city departments. This systems audit will help identify cost savings and efficiencies within our government that will help taxpayers save money.

I will also support hiring a professional city manager to oversee the management of Manchester’s 27 city departments. This nonpartisan position will be hired by the Board of Mayor and Alderman and be responsible for the day-to-day administrative operations of the city of Manchester. A city manager will ensure a greater degree of accountability, transparency and efficiency in the way the City of Manchester does business.

Support Our Neighborhoods

Manchester is a beautiful city, but too often that beauty is hidden under trash and graffiti. This isn’t fair to our residents or our businesses. As Alderman, I will work to make our parks and streets cleaner, reduce graffiti and stop aggressive panhandling.

Address Manchester’s Opioid Crisis

While Manchester has made progress on the Opioid fight in the last several years we still have much work to do. I support a community first approach to combating this epidemic and as Alderman I will work with our police, fire and health professionals to insure that we are doing everything we can to put a stop to this terrible and heartbreaking problem.